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Glass Shelves

Glass Shelves

Kitchen Cabinets

Alcoves and Niches

Display Cases

Bar Areas


Flat Polish Glass Edge

Flat Polish

Pencil Polish Edge

Pencil Polish

Bevel Edge Glass



Thinner glass, up to 1/4″, is perfect for light loads and small shelves. Otherwise, consider 3/8″ or 1/2″ glass. Thicker glass produces a rich, bold look, with minimal distortion.

Glass Display Shelves

Thinner Glass

Glass Bar Shelves

Thicker Glass

Safety Glass

Tempered “safety” glass is much stronger than regular “raw” glass. Consider temper glass for

  • Glass with holes or cut-outs

  • Stress (e.g. clamping)

Glass Shelves in Tub Area

Glass Selection

Far and away the most popular glass used for shelves is clear glass.  We also offer a variety of tints and specialized glass.  Alternatives include

  • Clear & Ultra-Clear

  • Tinted Bronze & Gray

  • Frosted (etched)

Installation Methods

Glass Shelf with Peg Support

Shelf  “Pegs”

Glass Shelf with Brackets

Shelf Brackets

Glass Shelf with Standoffs

Stand Offs

Glass Shelf Standards


Glass Shelves in Alcove

U Channel & Cleats

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